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Wellness & Spa

Prashanthi introduces a quality Ayurveda medical facility in a spa atmosphere. We operate medical spa by combining our clinical division & wellness spa activities that operates under the supervision of our expert Ayurveda doctors.

Wellness is really a life-long process, and no one is too young to think about a wellness plan Wellness plans work best when they are personalized. We plan your wellness through a personalised approach tailoring the treatments what all you need, the most.

Many symptoms, such as stress, fatigue, mental sluggishness, insomnia, and even mood changes can be alleviated by regular exercise, healthy foods and proper relaxation. These may all be things you wish to address in a wellness plan.

We care your wellness through mental and physical harmony to keep a balance between your Mind , Body & Soul.


We have a specialised Wellness  Exercise  Club  featuring 

  • Yoga,
  • Aquatic Exercises &
  • Therapeutic Exercises

which  emphasizes  Postural corrections of an individual  &  Lifestyle disorders

  • Obesity Management
  • Pre & Post Natal Care for Mother & Baby
  • Beauty & Skin Care
  • Rejuvenation Programmes
  • Panchakarma Detoxification programmes

Single sessions

  • Full Body Herbal Oil Massage (ABHYANGAM)
  • Full Body Herbal Oil Massage (ABHYANGAM) + Herbal Steam Bath
  • Organic Face treatment + Full Body Herbal Oil Massage (ABHYANGAM) + Herbal Steam Bath
  • Body Slimming wrap + Friction Massage (Udhwarthanam) + Steam Bath
  • Body Pain relief massage (KIZHI)
  • Skin Softening & Purification massage (Njavarakizhi)
  • Stress Relief & Mind Calming Treatment (Thailadhara)
  • Herbal Body Scrub & Oil massage
  • Papain Skin Polish treatment
  • Avocado Anti pollution Treatment
  • Cucumber Chill Hydrating Treatment
  • Coconut Milk Skin cleansing Treatment
  • Foot Spa Reflexology
Signature Wellness Packages

Weight Management Programmes

To reduce the overweight and maintain an optimum weight. We offer both intensive short term & long term weight Loss programmes which involves unique Herbal treatment massages, Yoga, Aquatic Exercises etc. 7, 14, 21 days

40 Plus Care

specially tailored treatments for Ladies above age 40 who are nearing to Menopasue, which helps them to cope up with the Pre & Post Menopausal Syndromes with hot flashes, night sweats, depressions etc and also preventing the Osteoporotic tendency 5, 7, 14, 21 days programmes

Post Natal Mother Care

special Post delivery care for Ladies for better health and reshaping the body toning up of the skin & musculature

Preventing abdominal flacidity

Maintains the optimum BMI

Ensure the Mother

Baby Nutrition Using oral Herbal medicines external treatments and Hydrotherapy & Yoga 14 & 21 days programmes

Pregnancy Care

Special advises and care will be given for pregnant ladies to ease their Pregnancy induced physiological discomforts. Special classes & counselling will be given for first time Mothers’ to improve their mental & physical harmony. Recommended by our Ay Physician.

Panchakarma Purification Therapy

This therapy modulates the “tridoshas” and detoxifies the body. Panchakarma treatment aims at removal of the causative factors of somatic and psychosomatic diseases. The process involves internal and external purification. This five fold therapy involves Vamana (medically induced Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Sneha vasthi (Oil Enema),Kashaya vasthi( Decoction enema) and Nasyam)Nasal administration of medicines, Pre-panchkarma procedures like external and internal oleation and induced sweating are also performed. This treatment is especially helpful in neurological disorders, musculo-skeletal disease conditions, certain vascular or neuro-vascular states, respiratory diseases, metabolic and degenerative disorders. 14, 21 days prog.