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Want to know more about your painful knee?

FAST- EFFECTIVE- SUSTAINABLE- PREDICTABLE- way of Osteo Arthritis Management


Incidence of Osteo Arthritis is increasing world wide which is an alarming health care situation as the medical community is repeatedly failing to develop an effective management for Osteo Arthritis. We noticed the importance of developing a new effective & consistent treatment for OA as almost all available treatments fail to address all predisposing factors of OA. After 10 years of silent clinical research in more than 11,000 OA cases, Prashanthi Ayurveda Hospital headed by Dr. P. Hebeeb has developed a highly promising & authentic conservative treatment methodology in OA by merging Ayurveda treatments with Modern Kinesiology. Pre & Post treatment conditions of patients are studied with X-rays, Radio isotopic Bone scans, symptamatological analysis etc , which proved the emergence of a revolutionary approach in the management of Osteo Arthritis.  We put forward our findings in this subject before the world Scientific community for further research & evaluation.

Compact OA Knee Package (A comprehensive treatment modality)
Therapeutic Exercises
Life Style Modifications

(By addressing all pre-disposing factors of Osteo Arthritis)

Osteoarthritis, sometimes called degenerative joint disease or osteoarthrosis, is the most common form of arthritis. The prevalence of osteoarthritis increases as people age, and about 70% of people over 65 have some form of arthritis. With the growing population of older adults, experts expect that the number of arthritis sufferers will double by 2030. It is more prevalent in weight bearing joints like knees, hips and spine. Obese people have seven times more chance of getting osteoarthritis. Moreover, the compression is eight times of body weight in the knee joints during deep flexion. Osteoarthritis is characterized by the breakdown of joint cartilage and may affect any joint in the body, including those in fingers, hips, knees, spine and feet. It is experienced by the patient as pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints and deformity and usually worsens progressively over time.

Conventional management in osteoarthritis is merely pain management by cutting off the pain pathway. In Prasanti, we give a multifaceted approach and treat the disease at its root level. Through our Compact osteoarthritic program we have attained some outstanding results in the management of osteoarthritis. Our treatment program is based on a three-way approach by:

Internal medications derived from herbs (this doesnot contain heavy metals) which:

  • Arrests the degenerative pathology and prevents cartilage degeneration
  • Normalises synovial fluid chemistry
  • enhances regeneration of cartilage
Treatment approach:-

In Prashanthi every patient has to go through a very detailed Preliminary case taking, Physical analysis by Physio therapist and a very detailed final diagnosis with X-ray analysis and treatment suggestions. We follow a very detailed case taking format for Osteo Arthritis judgement. We have our own modified form of Pinnacle Lysholm Knee scoring for symptomatological assesment and a redefined X-ray grading. Medications are mainly internal & external. Decoctions, external oils, medicated & highly potent ghee are administered orally. Special Knee oil and Knee powder are applied externally. Our inpatient programme consist of 3 weeks of intensive treatment, physical exercises and Life style modifications which are proved very effective. Duration of treatment is for 3 months initially and then tapering the treatment intensity to a maintenance mode of therapy.

No Diet restrictions ( Pathya) are imposed on the patients. Patients once entered in to Prashanthi’s treatment cycle are not recommended for yearly rejuvenations, provided they follow the recommended maintenance dosage of oral medications, Therapeutic exercises & Life style modifications. They can enjoy the fruitfulness of treatment for a longer period of time. Our excellent success rate of the treatments reveales the evolution of the world’s best conservative management for Osteo Arthritis till reported.

Rheumatoid Arthritis management
Shoulder Clinic
Back, Hip & Spine Clinic
  • Detailed Case taking & Diagnosis
  • Detailed spine structural analysis (focusing L5structural abnormality because this is the major cause for un answered back pains)
  • Check & correct bio-mechanism of Spine & hip Joint
  • Specific treatment programme for spinal degeneration
  • Specific Therapeutic Exercises
  • Beyond conservative Ayurvedic approach our Research Team developed new modalities for better management of discogenic syndromes even in acute IVDP and preventing its recurrent attacks
  • World’s best conservative treatment for Osteo arthritis & Osteoporotic Spine.
Prashanthi Back Syndrome ( L5 Transverse Vertibrae abnormality)
Prashanthi’s mode of Joint Management
  • ayurveda
    Early detection of Joint diseases
  • Detailed Joint Assessment
  • Specific Diagnosis
  • Preserving the Joint damage and degeneration.
  • Enhances the regeneration of soft tissues in joints correcting the bio-mechanism of joints through internal repair & external prosthetics improving joint function & structure
  • Advicing specific therapeutic Excercises
  • Advicing correct prosthetic devises for joint function & protection